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Ubiquiti Bullet M2

Upgrade to the latest technology in long range WiFi

The Ubiquiti Bullet M2 Titanium is a compact, rugged and powerful WiFi radio that’s ideal for RV and marine use. Be the envy of your fellow travelers when they see your Internet works 100% while theirs keeps dropping out.

Get solid connections in more places. Most marinas and RV park WiFi systems, although well intentioned, have less than adequate range. Unless you’re lucky enough to get a spot close to the office, you risk having poor service or being cut off from Internet entirely. And even if your RV park or marina doesn’t have its own WiFi, you’ll have a much better chance of connecting to one nearby. Don’t rely on built-in WiFi, get the Ubiquiti Bullet M2 and be prepared.

Stay in touch with loved ones for safety and convenience. You don’t want to miss out on news from home or being able to make reservations at your next stop. There’s nothing like the feeling of comfort knowing your space at the next stop is available and booked before you leave. With a solid WiFi connection you’ll be able to check in with friends and relatives or request help when you need it most. Remember, stress is something you left behind.

Don’t settle for 1 bar signals when you can have 5 bars. If you don’t have a strong signal the network will reduce your data speed accordingly. With the Ubiquiti Bullet’s 600 milliwatts of output power, a sensitive receiver and a good antenna you’ll hear the hotspot and they’ll hear you. By attaching directly to the antenna, the WiFi data is converted directly to and from the Ethernet format, eliminating the expense and signal loss of coaxial cable. You only need to run a small diameter Ethernet cable into your vehicle or boat.

Flexible configuration options. Fine tune the Ubiquiti Bullet M2 to your specific needs with the integrated airOS™ firmware. Use it as an external WiFi adapter to connect to access points with a single computer or with a router to setup your own internal wireless access point. Then get online with all your wireless devices anywhere in and around your vehicle. We all want to be good citizens of the airwaves. airOS™ ensures you stay legal by automatically adjusting power levels based on the equipment settings you input. Using only as much power as you need helps reduce unnecessary interference to other users around you.

  • Rugged construction built to withstand sunlight and wet weather for worry free operation
  • Integrated Type N connector gives you a choice of antenna options