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As a long-time radio hobbyist and professional, I’ve always been interested in wireless communication. For decades, shortwave broadcasting and radio-telephones were commonplace in remote areas. Then came the wired-based Internet which made many radio services obsolete, except in places where there isn’t any wire yet. WiFi was developed to fill the gap but it’s far from complete. We still need to take special measures in many places.

Published data on the expected range of wifi products is usually based on a “best case scenario” or open field measurement system. The range claims are enticingly high but rarely attained in practice. Manufacturers are not trying to deceive consumers. It’s just that this is the only consistent way to compare equipment given the unpredictable nature of radio waves at the frequencies and power levels used. The user must then consider how their unique situation will affect published specifications. Walls constructed of wood, steel reinforced concrete, drywall with wood or steel studs, furniture, office equipment, attenuate the already weak signals. Since every situation is different and frequently changing there is no way to predict how far your signal will penetrate.

There is a variety of equipment on the market today that offers increased wifi range. The resources on Extend Wifi Range.net show you how find the best wifi booster solution for your home or business. If you’re one of the many people who has experienced the frustration of intermittent or weak wifi coverage in your house or place of business, read on and I’ll show you how to extend wifi range beyond the normal limits.

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