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External WiFi Adapter

It’s easier to improve your WiFi range and speed by buying an external WiFi adapter than by buying a new computer. The WiFi range you get from your laptop, phone or tablet is limited and even though the number of free and paid WiFi hot spots is increasing, much of the country is still blacked out. We have come to rely on the Internet to keep in touch with family and friends. We also need to get information on road conditions and make reservations for the next stop. If you’re an RVer or cruising boater you’ve no doubt experienced the frustration of doing without WiFi during much of your travels.

The good news is more and more RV parks and marinas are providing WiFi service for their customers. Shopping malls and big box stores are doing the same. Many Walmart stores even allow RV’s to stay overnight in their parking lot for free. Sadly, many of these WiFi hotspots, although well intended, do not give adequate coverage. So unless you go into the building or move to a different spot, you may not get a good signal. Fortunately you can extend your WiFi range with a higher power output external WiFi adapter that plugs into a USB or Ethernet port. If your laptop is not the latest model, getting the latest external WiFi adapter will also allow you to use newer protocols like 802.11ac.

An added bonus of an external WiFi adapter is being able to mount it outside with a long cable. Raising it higher on the outside of the vehicle will improve WiFi range even more. The USB 2.0 standard allows a maximum length of 3 meters or about 15 feet. This can be further extended with USB extension cable booster.

If the adapter has an antenna plug you can extend the WiFi range even more by replacing the antenna with one that has higher gain. Using a better antenna has the advantage of improving performance on both transmit and receive. There’s no point transmitting a stong signal to someone a mile away if you can’t hear the reply.


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