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Wireless Routers with Higher Power

High Power Wireless Router

In the past, the ideal home or small office network solution was to wire the whole premises with CAT5e cable so we could have the best network throughout. But with the proliferation of portable devices such as tablets and smartphones, WiFi became an essential part of a network system. Wireless routers give us connectivity for portable devices but it is often difficult to get total coverage for anything but the smallest homes and offices.

Early solutions traded network speed for range. We could stick with slower 2.4 GHz protocols to get better RF penetration or move up to the 5 GHz band and use its wider channels for speed. But the higher RF frequency meant less range due to higher path loss and attenuation.

Some frustration can be eliminated from the very beginning if you start off with a wireless router designed for extended range. Manufacturers are now offering equipment with higher power output, multiple antennae and auto-configuration for easy setup.

The newest routers are now set to give us the best of both worlds.

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