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Need To Extend WiFi Range?

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Need to extend wifi rangeThis site will show you how to extend wifi range beyond the normal limits to avoid the frustration of intermittent or weak wifi coverage in your house or place of business

There is a variety of equipment on the market today that will help. The tips on this website will show you where to get it and how to use it.

On Extend WiFi Range.net we mostly concern ourselves with laptop users. Normally smartphones and tablets are not upgradeable for use with WiFi adapters or external antennas. This limits their use for long range WiFi. However they can connect via other devices setup as repeaters or local hotspots, a technique known as tethering. The Android smartphone does have one important use in long range WiFi. You can easily turn it into a WiFi Analyzer to determine dead spots and range limits.

There are as many problem situations as there are users but luckily many techniques can be adapted to other situations. So whatever your situation, even if it is unique, you should find something here to help you out.

Home or Office

The standard home wireless router usually works fine in a typical one room small office or small home. If your coverage at the extreme ends of your property is borderline, some simple adjustments may be all that’s necessary.

You’re probably still okay in the next room but get any bigger and it’s common to have dead spots or places that are simply out of range. Many new WiFi routers are offering higher power, better antennas and higher speed using the new 802.11ac protocol. Make sure to use ethernet cables whenever possible to keep the wireless part of your network traffic to a minimum. Try these “free range” solutions first. If you’ve still got problems, read on and it will show you where to go from there.

Urban or suburban sites

Need to get online around town where there’s poor WiFi coverage?

Even if you live densely or moderately populated areas served by the major telecom companies, you may still run into situations where it’s difficult to get online. The most common problem is a situation such as being out of the house using a laptop on a park bench or in a coffee shop. More and more businesses are providing free WiFi as a convenience to their customers. But if you’re on a park bench or in the last coffee shop on earth that doesn’t have its own WiFi hot spot, in many cases your built-in WiFi may not do the job. You’ll have to rely on a far away connection.

Extend WiFi Range in Rural Areas

Just out in the sticks checking on your company’s equipment? Then 4G or LTE will do in a pinch. If the company is paying the bill, the data charges shouldn’t be a problem.

Live in the boondocks and can’t get internet? For people who spend the summer in a cottage by the lake, the cell phone data charges could get expensive. If you are more or less in view of someone who does have service, you may be able to link up by using more advanced WiFi equipment.


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