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Rural Wireless Internet

WiFi amp and antenna

As long as you live in a place that has electricity, you probably have telephone service available. If so you can probably subscribe to internet service as well, even if it’s only dial-up (you remember dial-up don’t you?). Smartphones still work in many areas away from populated areas, as long as you’re not in rural Alaska. The big telecoms are constantly expanding their 4G and LTE coverage so for temporary use that’s the easiest although most expensive option.

Most smartphones and tablets that have 4G/LTE capability can be setup to work as a WiFi hotspot. This is called, tethering. Other WiFi capable devices nearby can then share the internet connection. However it could be prohibitively expensive if you like to download movies or watch YouTube videos. You’ll definately need an unlimited data plan unless all you want to do is keep up on the news and check your email.

If you can enlist the help of a neighbor on a nearby property that has an internet connection, you may be able to link up. Perhaps the local general store has WiFi. If not, ask them if they’d like to. There will probably be others who’d like to connect as well.

By using good quality WiFi radios and antennas you can extend your WiFi range for surprisingly long distances.

You need accurate directions to the neighbor’s location, with no hills or dense forests in between. Getting your equipment up high on a rooftop or an inexpensive TV tower will definitely help. If the neighbor has a good transmitter and antenna on his or her end you can cut your system requirements in half. To make this work you may also have to buy them some of this special equipment. While you’re trying to talk your neighbor into going along with this scheme, it doesn’t hurt to remind them you will be splitting the cost of the internet service.

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