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Using the Ubiquiti Bullet M2

The Ubiquiti Bullet M2 Titanium is a very versatile piece of equipment. It can be configured to operate in many different roles. For the average person many of them are of no concern. I will assume you only have one unit and that you are using the Bullet because you want a high quality long range WiFi capapble radio that can be used in any weather. That being the case, here are the three most common ways of using the Ubiquiti Bullet M2:

1. External WiFi Adapter

Ubiquiti Bullet M2 WiFi Adapter
In this mode the Bullet takes the place of your laptop’s internal WiFi card. You will browse through a list of access points (AP), or hotspots as they are sometimes called, and select one to connect to. Normally only one client (your laptop) can connect to the Internet this way. If the AP has encryption enabled you will need to know the password and have permission to connect. If it’s an open AP, like they have at coffee shops and malls, you just select it and let the software establish a connection.

Depending on your computer’s capabilities you may be able to set it up for tethering and let others go online through you. When tethering is enabled, your computer is acting as a wireless router in the background. This can be inconvenient since your computer will have to be left on when others want to use the connection. A more efficient way is to go with the next choice.

2. Repeater

Ubiquiti Bullet M2 setup
If you want to use someone else’s AP and your portable devices cannot connect to it, you can use an ordinary wireless router to setup your own local wireless network inside your RV, boat or cottage. The Bullet can connect with the AP, then feed the connection via an Ethernet cable to your router. You may then connect to the router with any wifi device such as a laptop, smartphone or tablet.

3. Access Point

Ubiquiti Bullet M2 setup
If you have a landline Internet connection you can make your own AP to share with neighbors. The Bullet connects via cable to the modem supplied by your Internet Service Provider. It then broadcasts the wireless signal to nearby users either in your own boat/RV or marina/campground.

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Ubiquiti Bullet M2 Configuration Made Easy.

You don’t have to learn to be a network technician to setup the Bullet. The hard work has already been done. Just follow the step-by-step instructions to get up and running with minimum hassle.

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