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WiFi Range Extenders

A Simple Plug-in Solution

If you just need a little more range for your home, a WiFi Range Extender might be just the thing.

A WiFi Range Extender is a self-contained device that plugs into a 110V wall jack. They are typically placed at the edge of your wireless router’s range. From there it re-transmits the WiFi signal anew extending the useful range. Some even have built-in signal strength LEDs to help you find the ideal location.

Data speeds up to 300 Mbps are possible. Of course this will not be your internet speed but rather, the speed of data transfer over your local system. Gamers on the same network will appreciate this as will those who regularly transfer large files between computers.

There is a tradeoff though. Since a WiFi Range Extender has to communicate with the main router, it becomes another device on the system. This increases network interference by repeating everything it receives. A unit with an Ethernet plug allows a direct connection to a nearby device such as a smart TV. You’ll then have one less wireless device on your network. Usually a WiFi Range Extender will have an omni-directional antenna so it will radiate some of its signal back toward the main router. This overlap uses up half of it’s coverage area. Some WiFi Range Extenders have internal antennas which work well enough in small homes or offices. If your place is bigger than average get one with with external antennas.

If you don’t have a lot of users or don’t place great demands on your network, a WiFi Range Extender could work with little or no noticeable disruption to regular operation.


  • quick installation
  • simple setup with WPS


  • throughput cut to 50% or less
  • wifi interference at least doubles
  • unit must support desired security encryption

WiFi Range Extender

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